Interactive Whiteboard Activities - Phonemic Awareness and Phonics


Now with more activities! Use easy-to-implement, hands-on activities to integrate interactive whiteboards into your instruction. Designed to help young children recognize the sounds that form familiar words. Each activity concentrates on phonemes, the building blocks of language, and lets children practice matching those phonemes to illustrations of recognizable words. Children can manipulate objects as they simultaneously hear the sounds for these objects. Activities focus on beginning sounds, rhyming, blending, and letter recognition. Activities support existing content-area lessons with standards-based activities that are engaging, visual, and interactive. Activities are designed to reach all learners. Can be used with interactive whiteboards or a computer. Pack includes an interactive whiteboard CD with activities and an easy-to-follow, 16-page teacher's guide. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows® 98/2000, 128 MB RAM; Macintosh® OS X or higher. Ages 4-8.