Beginning Math Big Book Collection


Interactive, rhyming text and engaging photos help children build early math concepts in this collection of eight big books. Each softcover big book measures 14" x 20" and comes with a teacher's guide. Includes one each of the eight books listed below. Ages 5-7.

Everything in Order! (SB45257J) - Children learn to put things in order by size, age, cost, and more.

Give It a Guess (SB45258J) - Learn how to estimate. How many? How tall? Will it fit?

Math Stories (SB45259J) - An introduction to counting, problem-solving, number sense, measuring, and more.

Measuring Up (SB45260J) - Children discover tools of measurement such as clocks, rulers, scales, and more.

The Money Book (SB45261J) - Kids learn the shapes, sizes, usage, and value of money.

Solve It! (SB45262J) - Explore ways of using word clues, such as more, all, and take away to solve math problems.

Solid Shapes (SB45263J) - Children discover solid shapes all around them such as a cone, pyramid, or sphere.

Skip-Counting (1503970J) - Learn the fun of skip-counting by twos, threes, fives, tens, or hundreds.