AnyBook™ Reader


With the AnyBookTM Reader, teachers can record themselves reading a variety of books so that students can have a book read to them when the teacher isn't available. Students can also record themselves reading and play it back later to help them develop and refine their literacy skills. The reader can hold up to 30 hours of recording and works with any book by using the included collection of 400 stickers. Each sticker uses a unique code that allows you to associate different recordings with every page of a book. The stickers will not damage pages, so they can be removed at any time. The LED light will differentiate between “Read and Record” modes. The AGC (automatic gain control) circuitry provides better recording and playback. Requires two “AAA” batteries (not included). Simplified battery door does not require a screwdriver. Includes headphone jack, voice morphing function, and lanyard hook.