24® Game Tournament Kit


Designed to make conducting 24® Game Tournaments easy for you and fun for your students. 24® is the classic, simple game where students attempt to reach the number 24 via adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing four numbers given to them on a card, and each of the four numbers can only be used once. Whether they get to 24 right away or not, students open their minds by running through basic math operations at rapid rates. Kit can be used for each classroom's competition, then for the school's playoff involving champions from each classroom. Kit includes 96 single-digit game cards, 96 double-digit game cards, 96 variables game cards, 8 tournament mats, 60 score cards, 4 lanyards (for semifinalists), gold medal for school champion, official tournament rules, and instructions. Grade 4 and up.
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