About Us

Instituting from Carolina Biological Supply Company (USA), the leading education supplier from the USA, providing world-class education support since 1927 with more than 500,000 educational aids, manipulatives and kits.


Carolina Singapore has everything you will need for your classroom! From Science and Laboratory Consumables, Physical Education Supplies, Arts and Craft Materials, Health Care Trainers, Early Learning, Educational and Teacher resources for Singapore programmes such as the STELLAR and Learning Support.


Carolina Singapore adapts and incorporates the latest US and international teaching resources to the local education context. With more than 10 years of experience in science programs and products, we are your ideal partner to develop an effective and innovative Enrichment Programme for your school.


We are currently the sole provider for Food and Nutrition Course Work Preparatory classes. We strive to make sure that students find science fun and enjoyable with 70% of our programmes to have experiments and activities.  Topics range from fun food science, environmental science, rocket launching and more. Our list of programmes are non exhaustive, call our curriculum team who will be on hand to develop new and exciting activities for your class!