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This remarkable, functional model of the human eye d..
Heavy-duty, multiple-cell counters that total to 999..
For a class of 30 students. Includes 30 Eldoncards p..
Teacher's Choice!For a class of 25 students. Include..
Teacher's Choice!All materials necessary for one stu..
Each card is individually wrapped and contains the r..
Thirty Eldoncards are packaged together in a reseala..
For 60 students. Each student learns his or her own ..
For a class of 30 students working in pairs. Student..
For aneroid or mercurial sphygmomanometer. A cuff an..
Kemtec®. Materials for a mini-course on enzyme kinet..
Kemtec®. Using simulated reagents and pre-sensitized..
For preparing skin for blood typing. Individually wr..
Fungal. Granules. Breaks starch into the form of mal..
Altay®. Greatly enlarged. Plaque-mounted set include..