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For evaluating the strength of the hand and forearm ..
Contains materials necessary for 30 students to dete..
Length, 75 mm; OD, 1.5 mm; ID, 1.1 mm. Contains mini..
For a class of 30 students. Students investigate the..
Highly useful for measuring and transferring fluids ..
Clearly outlines the mechanisms of both specific and..
A Carolina Exclusive!Immunodetective BioKit® - perfe..
A Carolina Exclusive!Immunodetective BioKit® - perfe..
Durable rubber inflation bulb for use with aneroid a..
Kemtec®. Students study the action and nature of enz..
Kemtec®. Thin-layer chromatography is used to demons..
Students use this kit to explore fundamental advance..
Series of 14 colorful, numbered plates for mass scre..
Students test and identify pure stock samples of sug..
The perfect lab activities package for studying the ..