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Altay®. Life size. Anatomical structures of the head..
Altay®. About life size. An exceptionally realistic ..
Altay®. 300x life size. The block model shows a herb..
Life-size replica of an adult human skeletal arm wit..
Altay®. Plaque mount shows erythrocytes, platelets, ..
Altay®. About life size. This model is dissectible i..
Altay®. About 1/2x life size. This generalized repre..
Altay®. An enlarged block section through the human ..
Altay®. About life size. Shows entire digestive trac..
Altay®. About 1/2x life size. Similar to our 566527 ..
Altay®. About 3x life size. Pinna, external ear cana..
Altay®. About life size. This plaque mount features ..
Altay®. About 5x life size. This 10-part model provi..
Altay®. 6x life size. Vitreous humor, lens, and iris..
Altay®. About life size. Separates into 2 parts, off..