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Determine the molar volume of a gas using the Ideal Gas Law, manipulate virtual lab equipment to ..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 16. Using stoichiomet..
Students enter a realistic virtual lab and create bu..
Meets AP® Chemistry topic 19. This lab reinforces th..
For exciting and challenging AP Chemistry experiment..
Now your students can realistically perform all 22 A..
This convenient package includes 22 Carolina™ kits f..
Students use a semi-microscale method to systematica..
Meets AP® Chemistry topic 12. In this quantitative e..
Students synthesize a coordination compound and dete..
Meets AP® Chemistry topics 6 and 8. In this effectiv..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 9. Students use the m..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 3. This kit uses the ..
Meets AP® Chemistry Topic 10. Students titrate a sol..
Meets AP® Chemistry topics 6 and 7. This kit provide..