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Meets AP® Chemistry topic 4. In this powerful illust..
Students determine the molar mass of a volatile liqu..
During the virtual lab, students determine the molar..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 5. This kit combines ..
Synthesize an organic compound using an esterificati..
During the Standardization of KMnO4 virtual lab, stu..
Students manipulate the virtual lab equipment to det..
Meets AP® Chemistry topic 13. This lab exercise intr..
Within a realistic, interactive lab environment, stu..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 14. In this 3-activit..
Conduct a virtual chromatographic separation, perfor..
Students determine the concentration of a compound i..
Meets AP® Chemistry topic 17. Students determine th..
Using a realistic interactive lab environment, stude..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 15. In this experimen..