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Formula: C15H24O Formula Wt.: 220.35 CAS: 128-37-0 Health Risk: Moderate Flammability: Sl..
Replacement solutions for AP Lab #4. 80 mL ..
Replacement for use with AP Lab #4. 80-mL bottle. St..
Synonym: O-phenanthroline, ortho-phenanthroline Fo..
Formula: H2N(CH2)6NH2 F.W.: 116.2 CAS No.: 124-09-..
Synonym: n-Butyl alcohol Formula: CH3(CH2)2CH2OHForm..
Sold only to schools and businesses. ..
For gel electrophoresis of DNA, 10x concentration. S..
For DNA digestion. Sold only to schools and business..
For staining protein samples electrophoresed on acry..
Aqueous solutions may be slightly hazy or turn yello..
Synonym: 2,6-Dichlorophenol indophenol, DPIPFormula:..
Formula: (CH3)2CHOHFormula Wt.: 60.1CAS: 67-63-0Heal..
Kit containing 20 amino acids, 1 g each. L-Alanine ..
5X COOMASSIE Destain Solution, 500 mL, 5x concentrat..