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This incredible collection of 13 chemistry demos is ..
Place this paper tree in a special solution and with..
Grow from 4 to 20 mm in diameter. Made of superabsor..
Grow from 10 to 45 mm in diameter. Made of superabso..
Students examine chemiluminescence by making solutio..
A GLOWING twist on an old favorite. Students prepare..
In this fun demonstration of a single replacement re..
Investigate the chemistry behind polymers with the 4..
Introduce students to chemistry with 3 spectacular r..
Students make soda fizz, create tasty jelly, and for..
Grades 9-12. Demonstrate the power of catalysis to y..
Extend the fun with this value set of 6 kits! Includ..
Perform 12 experiments on the properties of gases, i..
Students make slime and a gel that glow in the dark...
Illuminate your discussions of oxidation-reduction r..