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An improved New York balance still illustrates the c..
This attention-grabbing device introduces students t..
Create your own lightning storm with these fascinati..
Simplify 9-V battery experiments. Just snap 1 end on..
Teach absolute zero by calculating absolute zero. Su..
This versatile power supply delivers both AC and DC ..
Recharge in less than 2 hours with reliable protecti..
Set of 6 acrylic demonstration lenses includes one e..
Set of 6 high-quality acrylic prisms made from clear..
Investigate the fundamental properties of pendulums ..
Meter measures to 400,000 lux (0.1-lux resolution) o..
Similar to Student Pulley Demonstration Set (item# 7..
This puck glides on a cushion of air over any smooth..
This compact and quiet (less than 60 dB) air source ..
Provides a frictionless surface that is an indispens..