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An improved New York balance still illustrates the c..
Investigate the fundamental properties of pendulums ..
Similar to Student Pulley Demonstration Set (item# 7..
This puck glides on a cushion of air over any smooth..
This compact and quiet (less than 60 dB) air source ..
Provides a frictionless surface that is an indispens..
Does the rate of an object's acceleration depend on ..
Use with slotted masses (not included). Measures 16 ..
Used in collision and pendulum demonstrations. A 12-..
Used for demonstrating the laws of conversation of m..
Demonstrates that the forward velocity of a ball eje..
Calculate model bridge efficiencies to determine the..
Measure speed, lap time, and cumulative lap time wit..
Provides dramatic demonstrations of angular momentum..
When straight measurement is impossible, use these d..