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Complete with 15" hoop, 36" handle, and bag of mediu..
Excellent for collecting in ponds and streams. Nylon..
Contains all materials necessary to collect and prop..
A very versatile and practical method of applying la..
Used to sample for soil arthropods. Can be used with..
These sturdy binoculars, made of durable plastic, ha..
White-cedar nesting box for wrens, chickadees, nutha..
Excellent for field work in streams, bogs, ponds, et..
These rubber boots are perfect when longer hip boots..
Stainless-steel dredge retrieves a uniform volume (6..
Carolina makes it easy to care for your pH meter by ..
Measure the transparency of a shallow or flowing bod..
Classic Series Binoculars are perfect for observing ..
The soft nylon-mesh pocket is attached to a 5 x 6" f..
Pine frame with glass top and polyethylene foam pinn..