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Amber bottles help protect light-sensitive materials..
Surgical grade, intravenous. Handmade, inside wall s..
Applicator rods attached to caps. ..
Wheaton. Borosilicate glass. With glass applicator r..
With bulb and pipet. ..
6 mm (±0.5 mm) diam. About 1,800 beads per lb. ..
Constructed of heavy plastic for longer use. Five gr..
Translucent, straight-sided beaker is ideal for gene..
Pulp liner with a vinyl finish. For low-form and tal..
Lightweight, with 110-mm metal screw cap. ..
Kimble 17030-K. Capacity, 50 x 0.1 mL (subd). Colore..
Clear, break-resistant 50-mL buret with graduations ..
School labs can be hectic. You prefer glass over pla..
Economical, high-quality borosilicate beakers that m..
An exclusive CarolinaTM product molded of crystal-cl..