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Excellent for use in chemistry, biology, and clinica..
These unbreakable graduated cylinders feature one-pi..
Wide-stem, autoclavable, translucent funnels. Parall..
Providing excellent clarity and very good chemical r..
Autoclavable. For culture tubes. ..
Standard round dishes (100 x 15 mm) complete with pl..
These nonsterile plastic culture tubes are ideal for..
Corning®. Disposable polystyrene serological pipets,..
Sterile. Grid embossed on bottom. Squares of grid ju..
Round dishes with excellent optical clarity and stre..
Scienceware®. Heat-cured, thermo-setting epoxy coati..
Ideal for your laboratory start-up needs or for thos..
Corning® 2122A. These burets are suitable for use in..
Pyrex® reusable glass pipets provide the best value ..