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Contains one each of the following: 6-hole test tube..
Scienceware®. This high-impact polystyrene cabinet i..
Nalgene®. Cover is clear, shatterproof polycarbonate..
Equipped with an 8" flexible gooseneck arm, weighted..
Medical Quality, Superior for Classroom Use Our p..
Reusable, one-piece, polypropylene closure with "liv..
These incubators break the price barrier for digital..
Scienceware®. The Dispensing Jug allows you to conve..
Ideal for use with cats, rabbits, and similar-sized ..
Strong die-cast clamp holds 2 burets at once. Spring..
The ImagePro Portable is a lightweight, easy-to-inst..
The ImagePro Ultra-Portable is a lightweight LCD pro..
Basic unit includes eraser, accessory tray, paper-pa..
Ideal for light-duty heating requirements. Features ..
A white spot plate glazed on the top surface. An exc..