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Set of 4 markers: black, red, blue, and green. ..
Pipet with 1-mL rubber nipple. Overall length, 3 1/2..
Easy-to-operate still produces up to 4 L/hr of disti..
Model HI-190-M is compact, lightweight, and very eco..
Fine textured, economical. 1 lb per box. ..
Each assortment contains four 1/4-lb sticks of nonha..
Fine textured, economical. 1 lb per box. ..
This versatile kit contains 11 quality tools, perfec..
NalgeneĀ®. Plastic items most commonly used in high s..
Built of high-impact ABS and Lexan to survive the ri..
With this unique pail opener you only need to apply ..
Convenient for sealing test tubes, flasks, and other..
Class 100 vertical laminar flow. This workstation al..
Offers an alternative to expensive colony counters f..
Non-contaminating white bucket with reinforced ribbi..