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Research qualityBuilt to hold up in classroom or lab..
Autoclavable polypropylene rack allows for storage o..
An inexpensive alternative to measuring microvolumes..
Natural color plastic storage box with hinged lid ho..
This plastic storage box is transparent, allowing vi..
Used for micro-reactions such as restriction digests..
The RS-150 offers quick 2-button operation and an ea..
Micropipet tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf..
Tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf, CarolinaT..
Generic tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf, a..
Interchangeable rotors for multiple functions Compa..
Priced right for classrooms on a tight budget! This..
An affordable, compact water bath that fits anywhere..
Sturdy and DurableGels can be poured without tapeDou..
Enables prelab preparation of 6 agarose gels. Reduce..