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This three-dimensional stacking set teaches children to think ahead as they plan where to set the ..
Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Children will build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as..
Rotating connected links easily twist, turn, and bend, forming ever-changing shapes. Five differen..
A three-dimensional manipulative experience in the perceptual, motor, and language areas. Dimensio..
Use with sewing cards, bead lacing, and yarn paintings. These 36" long, child-safe laces are in si..
With no removable parts and play wires locked into a durable wood base, this wall maze is an ideal..
Colorful, durable foam pieces help strengthen motor coordination and fine motor control. Sort by i..
Young children will learn by sorting and stacking this 15-piece pyramid manipulative made from dur..
Encourage hand-eye coordination and provide hours of fun with this classic toy. Weave colorful lac..
This brightly-colored learning activity will tickle kids down to their toes, while providing incre..
Engage students while providing them with motor skill practice using the ultimate shape sorter. 12..
This sewing game encourages sentiments of respect and affection toward other people. Set presents ..