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Top-quality construction and accurate intonation make this set a great value. C-C range, each of t..
Ten instruments kids will love to play anywhere! Set includes: two maracas, 4" triangle set, pair ..
Play the tubes like a Xylophone. Pack contains eight-tube Boomwhackers® C Major Diatonic Scale Set..
This set of bells can be played either as handbells or deskbells! A special mechanism allows bells..
A fantastic assortment of favorite dance music to keep children active and to help develop large m..
Features: - tom-tom, 4-1/2", with mallet - tenor snare drum, 6-1/4", with mallet - tambourines,..
Features: - tenor drum on handle with mallet - tom-tom, 4-1/2", with mallet - tenor snare drum,..
Features: - 2 tom-toms, 4-1/2", with mallets - 2 cluster bells - 2 8" tambourines - 2 pr. larg..
Songs, games, and movement experiences set to pop-rock musical styles. Includes songs for rhythm a..
Includes triangle, tone block with mallet, wrist bells, pair of finger cymbals, pair of rhythm sti..
Get little ones to actively participate in movement activities that encourage everything from pers..
Unique musical instruments. A great way to introduce music from other countries. Set includes Agog..
Features: - Agogo bells - ankle bells, 1 pair - castanets, wood - Chilean rain stick - cluste..
Features: - 1 5" brass cymbal w/knob and mallet - 2 wrist bells - 1 5" musical triangle w/strik..
Features: - 2 5" brass cymbals w/knobs and mallets - 4 pr. rhythm sticks (fluted and plain) - 2..