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A great tool to teach young students balancing concepts. Two clear buckets carry weights or coun..
For use with KidsRulers® (TB23918T and TB23919T). 48 pages. ..
Set of 19 includes five sturdy plastic bottles with lids (gallon, half gallon, quart, pint, cup)..
These sturdy plastic jars are perfect for both U.S. Customary and metric measurements and includ..
Set of three measuring cups with handles are marked in ounces, cups, and milliliters. Includes c..
Clear plastic container is marked every 100 ml up to 1 liter. When filled, the cube holds 1,000 ..
Containers are designed in the shape of real-world products for easy recognition of liquid capac..
This handy plastic pitcher is molded in polypropylene, clear, autoclavable, and has good chemica..
This set of 5 clear measuring containers of different heights and shapes is ideal to help studen..
Eight pieces. 50 g x 1 g. Set includes 50 gram, 20 gram, 10 gram, two 5 gram, two 2 gram, and 1 ..
Activities correspond with The Master Ruler (TB21634T). Designed to accompany the Master ruler s..
Ingenious balance demonstrates number relationships in a concrete, easily-understood way as stud..
This series takes an in-depth look at measurement using a cross-curricular math and science appr..
How many quarts are in a gallon? How many pints are in a cup? Let Measure Man show you the answe..
Help students learn common measurements they can use every day with this 2-time award-winning me..