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- C-C range - Each of the eight metal bells are marked with the proper note - 5" tall bells with..
Do the kangaroo jump, penguin shuffle, giraffe stretch, and more! Imitating animal movements is a ..
Twelve creative and clever activities with a beanbag will teach children many skills, such as body..
On this DVD you will learn the national versions of the TWENTY TWO most popular line dances to dat..
The most requested collection of party dances by DJs, physical education instructors, dancers, and..
Learn the dances today that are appropriate and popular at parties and school dances! Freestyle se..
Includes the five most popular line dances today: the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Cleveland Shuf..
Features number one songs from number one artists. Choose between a 20- or 30- minute workout with..
Awesome routines for children, ages 4-9, include breathing exercises, a warm up, a variety of aero..
- 2 Tom-toms, 4-1/2", with mallets - 2 Snare drums with mallets - 2 Tambourines, 8" - 2 Cluster..
Start the day a great way with clapping, skipping, stretching, and situps! Exercises are short, si..
- Includes triangle, tone block with mallet, wrist bells, pair of finger cymbals, pair of rhythm s..
This comprehensive DVD covers four decades of great dances! The ‘50s and ‘60s dances include Hand ..
Due to the increasing diversity in our society, promoting cultural awareness is more important tod..
Features: - Agogo bells - Ankle bells, 1 pair - Castanets, wood - Chilean rain stick - Cluste..