Bioinformatics Map of the Beta Globin Gene

Intermediate/Advanced - For experienced high school and college classes; less experienced classes may require more instructor guidance.
  • Recommended for teaching mRNA processing
  • Reusable and ready to use
Don't just tell your students about triplet codons, reading frames, and introns and exons, let them explore these elegant features of eukaryotic genes as they examine the map of the human B-globin gene. Searching through the sequence to find the B-globin gene reinforces students knowledge of the genetic code and their understanding of the role of bioinformatics software in automating DNA sequence analysis.

The maps are laminated so students can use highlighters or dry-erase pens to mark the exons on the DNA sequence; then the markings can be easily erased and the maps reused. Maps can be used individually by small student teams.