Inquiries in Science: Discovering Nucleic Acids Kit

A Carolina Exclusive! Grades 9—12. This collection of all 3 Inquiries in Science® physiology kits allows students to develop their understanding of topics such as levels of organization, homeostasis, innate versus learned behavior, and hormone regulation. Every kit provides lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher's manual.

Note: All kits include a coupon for the prepaid delivery of perishable materials. Due to some state restrictions, certain plants may be omitted or substituted.
This kit is appropriate for high school students and addresses the following National Science Education Standards

Grades 9-12
Science as Inquiry
    •Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    •Understandings about scientific inquiry
Life Science
    •The cell
    •Molecular basis of heredity

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