Fossils Videolab with DVD

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Grades 7 — 12. The study of fossils offers students a chance to learn about fossil identification, molds and casts, petrification, and fossil environments. In this lab, students construct a geological timeline, analyze dinosaur footprints, and create fossil replicas.

Includes the DVD Fossils: Uncovering Clues to the Past. The Fossils Videolab® consists of 8 workstations, plus teacher's guide.
  • Station 1: Geologic Time-The Vast Past. Adding Machine Tape Rolls and Metric Measuring Tape
  • Station 2: Identification-Name That Fossil. Fossil Specimens and Identification Card
  • Station 3: Estimating Size-Tooth Sleuth. Transparency of a Skull, Metric Measuring Tape, Fossil Tooth Reproduction, and Sketch of a Skull
  • Station 4: Petrification-Turn to Stone. Modern Wood and Bone Specimens, Petrified Wood and Fossil Bone Specimens, Hand Lens, and Sponges
  • Station 5: Footprint Clues-No Bones About It. Dinosaur Footprint Sets
  • Station 6: Ancient Environments-Present Is the Key to the Past. Fossiliferous Rocks
  • Station 7: Molds and Casts-Please Fill in for Me. Seashells, Plaster of Paris, Stir Sticks, Modeling Clay, and Plastic Cups
  • Station 8: Definition