Artograph® DesignMaster® Projector


This multipurpose art projector is perfect for the fine artist, decorative painter, or crafter. The DesignMaster® comes equipped with an adjustable vertical stand that easily clamps to any table surface up to 2" thick. Original designs and patterns up to 6" x 6" can be projected onto the tabletop for fast and easy tracing (4X down to 70%). Removed from the stand, the DesignMaster® will enlarge up to 30 times onto a wall or canvas for producing murals, banners, signs, or any large graphic. Features a single element 200 mm lens, powerful fan for cool operation, copy board with 2 copy clips to securely hold copy (holds originals up to 6" x 6"), and safety thermal overload to prevent overheating. Includes 250-watt photo lamp that provides bright, clear quality in the projected image from any opaque composition, photograph, drawing, or pattern. 5-year warranty. Made in the U.S.A. Shipped directly from Minnesota factory. Allow extra delivery time.