Nutrition in Action! Complete Program


TThis nine-lesson curriculum is packed full of fun activities and is a brilliant combination of music, movement, and nutrition education. It is tailored to excite and stimulate children's movement through music and incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their daily lives. Each lesson incorporates a story, physical activity, music, and a seated activity into the nutrition education session. Snack suggestions, additional learning activities, and a family newsletter with recipes are included with each lesson. Updated to reflect 2010 Dietary Guidelines. Ages 4-7.
Lessons in this curriculum include:
- Family Meals - In the Kitchen
- Fruits and Vegetables - Going to the Farmer's Market
- Physical Activity - Wild Vines
- Farm to Table - Bread Comes to Life
- Grains Give You Energy… Tortilla - Tortilla
- Picky Eaters - Eat a Vegetable
- Physical Activity - Get Up off the Sofa
- Dairy Foods - Please Kiss the Cow
- Protein - Are You a Peanut Kid
Includes nine-lesson curriculum, two full-length CDs, and nine storybooks (14-32 pages) featured in the lessons.